7 Year 150,000 Mile BaseCare - Genuine Ford ESP


Our Low Price: $5,335.00 (before options)
$300 Instant Rebate (before options): $5,035.00
Or just $336/mo. for 12 mo. with only $1007 due today (before options)


in-service date

Vehicle in service less than 12 months AND less than 12,000 miles
Vehicle in service more than 12 months OR more than 12,000 miles [Add $100.00]

$100 Deductible (No payment plan)
$0 Deductible (Payment Plan Available) [Add $485.00]
$50 Deductible (Payment Plan Available) [Add $230.00]
$200 Deductible (Payment Plan Available)
key replacement

No, I do not want key replacement. I will pay out-of-pocket if I lose/misplace/damage my key.
Yes, I want the protection of key replacement. [Add $160.00]Key replacement option currently not available in AK, CA, GA, KY, MA, ND, NY and WY.
first day rental

No first day rental
Yes, I want first day rental [Add $90.00]
snow plow

No, the vehicle does not and will never have a snow plow
Yes, the vehicle has or will have a snow plow [Add $950.00]
specialty vehicle

No, this vehicle is not an ambulance, shuttle, or tow truck
Yes, this is for an ambulance/shuttle/tow truck [Add $755.00]
commercial vehicle

No, this is not a business vehicle
Yes, this vehicle is primarily for business use [Add $200.00]
payment plan

I will make one credit card payment
I would like 12 monthly payments(You will receive 12 monthly statements after paying at least 20% today. Payment plans are only available with $0, $50 and $200 deductibles. Do NOT select this option if you selected a $100 deductible. There is no charge and no interest to use the 12 month payment plan.)

Warranty Description and Coverage
Genuine Ford ESP