Diesel Engine - Premium Maintenance 7,500 mile Service Interval
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premium maintenance

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My vehicle IS STILL under factory warranty
My vehicle IS NOT under factory warranty(Your vehicle must be under factory warranty to purchase this Premium Maintenance contract.)
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Vehicle in service less than 12 months AND less than 12,000 miles
Vehicle in service more than 12 months OR more than 12,000 miles [Add $100.00]
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This premium maintenance is for a Ford vehicle
This premium maintenance is for a Lincoln vehicle.(Premium Maintenance plans for Lincoln Vehicles cannot be purchased online. Please call 937-552-5616.)

Warranty Description and Coverage Frequently Asked Questions

Ford DIESEL Premium Maintenance Plan - Covers all oil changes and scheduled maintenance

To purchase your 7,500 mile diesel interval maintenance plan, select the length of your maintenance plan and the desired number of services from the menu above and add the plan to your cart.

Premium Maintenance Plans cover ALL of your factory recommended maintenance at every 7,500 mile service interval.  This plan allows you to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing all your factory services at one time.  Simply purchase this maintenance plan and then take your vehicle to any Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealership in the United States to have your scheduled maintenance performed.  There is no deductible and no paperwork needed when you visit your local dealership.  Your maintenance contract will appear in their computer.

In addition to every oil change, every tire rotation, every filter and transmission service, every coolant flush, fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter, etc, Premium Maintenance contracts also cover wear items such as brake pads, wiper blades, belts and hoses shock absorbers, clutch disc and spark plugs (except California for spark plugs).

So, if you need new brake pads during your plan coverage there is no charge for brake pads or labor!

Premium Maintenance gives you the security of knowing that your vehicle is receiving the proper maintenance it requires. This plan will optimize your vehicle's performance, and help you to protect your investment down the road.

Benefits of a Genuine Ford Premium Maintenance Plan
  • No deductible
  • ALL scheduled maintenance is covered (refer to Scheduled Maintenance guide for your vehicle)
  • Vehicle should be serviced every 7,500 miles
  • Valid at every Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership in the US
  • Save hundreds by purchasing all maintenance at one time
  • Also covers wear items: Spark plugs (except California), Shock Absorbers, Clutch Disc, Engine Belts and Hoses, Brake Pads and linings, Wiper Blades
  • Never worry about the cost of maintaining your vehicle
  • Protect yourself against rising maintenance costs!
  • Coverage begins at the Bumper-to-Bumper new vehicle limited warranty start date with zero miles
  • Premium Maintenance Plans must be purchased before 36,000 miles or 36 months from your warranty start date.
  • Valid on diesel engines only