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Covers29Key Components

includes Engine, Transmission, Front and Rear Wheel Drive Axle

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Covers84Key Components

includes All PowertrainCARE components with added Steering, Brakes, Front Suspension, Air-Conditioning & Heating and Electrical

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Covers113Key Components

includes All BaseCARE components with added Brakes, Air-Conditioning & Heating and Electrical and Hi-Tech

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Covers1000+Key Components

includes All ExtraCARE components with added Hi-Tech, Emissions, Ford Audio and Safety

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Ford Protect - Ford Extended Service Plans

We offer only Genuine Ford Protect Extended Service Plans, backed by Ford Motor Company and honored at your local Ford dealer.

As a new car dealer, Troy Ford is authorized to sell Ford ESPs. This Ford Warranty website provides consumer access to all Ford warranty, Lincoln extended warranty and Mercury extended warranty plans.

Do not settle for an aftermarket warranty, demand a warranty created by Ford and backed by Ford. Only Genuine Ford ESP plans are honored at EVERY Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership in the United States and Canada.

We also offer a 12 month same as cash payment program on all Ford ESPs. There is no credit check and everyone qualifies!

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Extended Plans Honored and Backed by Ford! Easy Financing Select your coverage and take 12 months to pay. Genuine Ford ESPs The Most Reliable Warranty

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