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Pricing and Billing
What are my payment options?
  You have 2 payment options when purchasing a Ford ESP from us.

1. You can elect to pay for your Ford ESP with one credit card payment...


2. You can take 11 months to pay for your Ford ESP! The payment plan is available when you select a $50 or $200 deductible. You can make a 20% down payment using your credit card and then make 11 monthly interest free payments using your credit card! (This options is NOT available for Ford ESPs with 12 month terms or for maintenance contracts.)  Ford Motor Company has partnered with BUDCO Financial to offer a 11 month payment plan on most Ford ESPs. There are no credit checks and everyone is approved! On the View Cart page simply enter the coupon code 11MONTHS and click apply. You will only have to pay for 20% of your plan at the time of purchase and the remaining 80% will be divided into 11 monthly payments and automatically deducted from the credit card of your choice. When you receive your Ford ESP contract via email, you will also receive your contract from BUDCO Financial. It will detail the exact monthly payment that will be charged to your credit card. If you prefer to use a different credit card for your monthly payments than what you used for your 20% down payment, please contact us at 1-937-552-5616.
What is my deductible?
  You can select a $50 to $200 deductible when selecting your Ford ESP. As a reminder, the 11 month payment plans are only available with a $50 or $200 deductible.  The standard deductible with all Ford ESPs is $100.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
  You only have to pay sales tax if you are located in the state of Ohio, which is the state we are located. It is the consumers repsonsibility to report out of state purchases where no tax was paid on your tax returns.
I have a question on my charges.
  First visit your Account Page to view charges we have made to your credit card. You may compare your order history on our website, with your financial records. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact customer service at 1-937-552-5616 for further assistance.
I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.
  Visit your Account Page to view your orders and print invoices.
When will my credit card be charged?
  Your credit card will be charged when your contract is registered with Ford Motor Company.  This process takes 1 to 3 business days.